ADS Securities Review

ADS Securities is a CFD and Forex broker offering CFDs across 60+ FX pairs, on equities, global indices such as the FTSE and Nasdaq, commodities including gold and oil, or single stocks such as Apple or Tesla, and cryptocurrencies.

ADS Securities or ADSS operates through a chain of affiliate offices located in the main financial capitals, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and are owned subsidiary of ADS Holding LLC based in Abu Dhabi established in 2011.
In fact, the Holding is one of a small number of investment firms that received a license from Abu Dhabi Central Bank, while affiliated offices are authorized by the appropriate jurisdiction like FCA in UK and SFC in Hong Kong.

Currently, ADS Securities is the biggest Forex trader in the UAE and serves central banks, asset managers, brokerage firms, and hedge funds. ADSS’s focus is on building strong, long-term relationships with institutional or corporate clients, to provide a range of high-quality services and solutions

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  1. Good afternoon I also encountered ads securities. Everything went well. Reviews started and here we go. I withdrew only 11 euros from there, and the deposit was 2500 euros, I don’t know how and under what influence I transferred money from a credit card. My husband was shocked, if you say that he swore at me, then it’s practically nothing to say !!!! ! Can anyone tell me how to get my money back? I would love to know this question!

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