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Address: Tuchlauben 7A, 1010 Wien, Austria

Email: [email protected]

About company

Earn money everywhere with CapitalCR

With the mobile version of our platform you can earn money anytime and anywhere. Keep your finger on the pulse: instant information on closing deals, promotions and tournaments.

Do you want to earn money by trading on the stock exchange without risk?

To make a profit, there is no need to buy the asset itself. You just need to enter into the transaction, make the correct forecast, the price will rise or fall. The size of the price change is not necessary to determine – only the direction.

Suggest You to start with CapitalCR with the section “History and mission of the company.” If You decide to use the services of the company, be sure to thoroughly study the section ” Terms and agreements”. You can contact the specialists of the company or visit our office by finding the necessary information in the “Contacts” section.

We hope that Your cooperation with CapitalCR there will be long term and will make every effort to make the most of its best!

3 комментария на «“CAPITAL CR REVIEW”»

  1. I don’t understand this much, so I can’t understand in any way – do they even have permission to broker activities? Somewhere on the site it is mentioned that there is, but the regulatory countries are not indicated. Contacted support for more information – no answer! Maybe, of course, I demand too much from them) I’ll wait a little more, suddenly they will answer))

  2. Recently, I often come across this broker from various bloggers. It has been directly forced lately, but believing bloggers is a disastrous business. I would like to consult on the account of this intermediary with real customers. Are there any here? If there is, then respond, please) Or is everyone still looking at this agent?)

  3. Link Financial Limited seems to be a good company. But it also has its downsides. Personally, this broker was recommended to me by a friend, he had no problems in two months of work (according to him). For some reason, I have sadness-trouble with the withdrawal of profit. When I took it out for the first time, the managers said that there were too many requests, they did not have time to consider applications. I had to wait about a week. I decided to withdraw today, again, something is not right. Maybe I just catch such timings)

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