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Website: https://onelogistic.ru

Tel.: +781240995223

Address: Minsk, st. Oktyabrskaya, 12/a-8

About company:

Cars from auctions and from dealers: from Japan from the USA from Korea from the Emirates (Dubai) from the Vladivostok

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  1. TEAM logistictrans.auto why don’t you answer me? Where is my car? Which, according to the contract, you must bring to St. Petersburg in September. Why did they delete all correspondence after I fully paid for the car, and do not answer anymore. Write how good you are. Answer my question? Can you drop the contract?

  2. Extremely dissatisfied with this company. They ordered a car, indicated a total budget of 600 thousand rubles. As a result, they exceeded the budget, because supposedly the bets did not play. They cannot document half the amount of expenses. On the face of a clear fat on the ignorance of ordinary citizens. The amount of the deposit is not at all clear where it appears, although they said that it would be included in the cost of the car. I highly do not recommend

  3. Customer-oriented, or simply “snickering”. When they realized that there was a budget and I would bargain within this budget, they made it clear that they were not interested in working with me. Bought with another company a month later.

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