Notary Platonova Ksenia Vladimirovna reviews

For individuals
The practice of new notarial actions was discussed at MGNP
What documents are needed for a minor to travel abroad?
Do I need to change all property documents when changing my passport?
Notarized copyright protection
How to buy escheat property
For legal entities
Sales and purchase agreement, legal aspects of the transaction
Procedure for terminating a life annuity agreement
The next issue of the information and analytical bulletin on the activities of the FNP is available

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2 комментария на «“Notary Platonova Ksenia Vladimirovna reviews”»

  1. This notary is very slow and inefficient. He kept me waiting for hours and did not respect my time. He was also very careless and sloppy with the documents. He did not check them for accuracy and completeness. He caused me a lot of trouble and frustration.

  2. This notary is very inexperienced and unqualified. He did not know the laws and regulations of the state. He gave me wrong advice and misled me. He also lost some of my documents and did not apologize for it. He is a waste of money and time.

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