SVSFX review

SVSFX is an online financial trading provider, specializing on FX and CFDs trading for retail and institutional clients. The company was founded back in 2003 while owned as well operated by SVS Securities PLC located in London (UK).

In fact, at SVSFX one of the main company leads and proficiencies belongs to institutional clients. A regulated trading specialist SVSFX proposes a variety of products to all financial world parties while bringing a multiplicity of solutions to their offerings. Services and product suite are tailor made proposal, along with their top liquidity, strong support and execution policy for Hedge Funds, Money Managers, Partners and of course retail clients while all dual branded.

Another powerful feature is their well and highly demanded SVSFX electronic trading or API, which uses integration based upon FIX 4.4 protocol and is super comprehensive. Therefore, at the first look the SVSFX offering seems like a very attractive opportunity for the traders of bigger size or professionals, nevertheless see more details to find the benefits that may suit your needs too.

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  1. Hello, I also fell into the clutches of these scammers! It was like under hypnosis, they forced me to take 6 loans for a total of 600,000 rubles. Now I am with lawyers, we are trying to return my funds, the situation is terrible, I hope that the money will be returned at least some part, my lawyer is good, but he also cannot give a 100% guarantee, like this, people are being bred and driven into terrible situation, citizens please be careful !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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