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Umed Properties is a leading real estate company in Dubai, UAE. We provide high-quality real estate for sale and lease in Dubai and comprehensive property management services that suit your needs. Whether you want to rent, lease, buy or sell property, we maintain a professional approach to all our services. With a clear focus on providing world-class client services, we managed to retain success during the Dubai property crash and have grown to become a key player in the industry. Our philosophy is simple: to apply high standards to everything we do and every service we deliver so that our clients can benefit from smooth and transparent property transactions. Our commitment is to help you rent, lease, buy or sell property with Honesty and Integrity to ensure a smooth transaction from contract to close. Our agents are RERA certified and have spent 100’s of hours in training and development. Talk to us and see why we ranked among the top best Dubai real estate brokers and, we are 5 Star Rated on Google Reviews and other social media platforms.

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  1. Their representatives exhibited a pushy and aggressive approach, making efforts to force us into a deal without taking into account our concerns and needs.

    Their agents were assertive and persistent, trying to persuade us into a transaction without fully addressing our reservations and specifications.

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