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About company:

The Cryptget project is positioned as a multi-currency online wallet with support for most popular coins, additional tools and services. The platform was launched in 2022.
A crypto wallet is a service for interacting with funds from other wallets, as well as an exchanger with information about current rates. Cryptge provides storage of funds, their prompt deposit / withdrawal, as well as exchange. The wallet is accessible through a browser or mobile app. Information about possible methods of passive earnings on cryptocurrencies is not provided.
The official web resource does not provide information on official registration and availability of permits for the provision of financial services. There is also no data on the physical location of the Cryptget central office.
The company does not provide contact information for feedback from users of the service.
List of supported coins
Cryptget allows you to store bitcoins, as well as all popular altcoins. The crypto wallet supports over 500 digital currencies:
Ethereum (ETH);
Bitcoin (BTC);
Tether (USDT);
Bitcoin Cash (BCH);
Dogecoin (DOGE);
Ripple (XRP);
Ethereum Classic (ETC);
Litecoin (LTC);
Tronix (TRX);
Stellar (XLM);
Tezos (XTZ);
Monero (XMR);
DigiByte (DGB);
Digital Cash (DASH);
ZCash (ZEC).
The Cryptoget wallet also conducts transactions in fiat currency. Operations using the US dollar are available to customers.
How to use the Cryptget wallet
The conditions for working with a crypto wallet provide for registration on the site, which, according to the official web resource, takes no more than 5-10 minutes and provides access to the functionality of the online wallet. Registration steps on the web resource:
Registration. To register, you must provide the following data: a valid email address, a contact phone number, as well as a username and password.
Deposit and withdrawal. The platform announces the possibility of using more than 100 crypto wallets for financial transactions.
Exchange transactions. The platform provides an instant exchange of cryptocurrencies at the market rate. Cryptget guarantees optimal exchange conditions and low commissions.
It is reported about the possibility of using the browser and mobile versions of the crypto storage. Downloading and installing the mobile version of the wallet is provided for Android and iOS users. Before operating the storage, you must download the appropriate software.
Limits and commissions “Cryptget”
In accordance with the terms of use of the crypto wallet, Cryptget charges a fee for using the features of the trading platform. The amount of the commission varies depending on the digital assets used and the volume of exchange transactions.
The official Cryptget web page does not provide information about the fees of the site and the limits of financial transactions.
The official website of the Cryptget wallet provides minimal information about the features of the vault. It is known that the online wallet is cross-platform. The crypto wallet in question works with many popular coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and others. Such financial transactions as input, output, transfers, storage and sale of digital currencies are available on the site. Cryptget announces compatibility with many online wallets. Before registering on the site, it is recommended to study the strengths and weaknesses of the online wallet, evaluate the reliability of the crypto storage based on real feedback from Cryptget customers, and, if necessary, get advice from an independent expert.

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  1. The platform looks convenient and understandable, but glitches are regular here. Support simply does not respond to such claims. It seems to me that they themselves understand that they are scary, but they can’t do anything. If they wanted to work for the future, then there would be no such jambs. and so you see soon skamanutsya

  2. Tried to work with them at the beginning of 2020. Then the volumes were extremely low, liquidity hung at zero, and orders had to be constantly rearranged. Then he left with a huge loss. I don’t think that the situation has changed much since then, as I regularly stumble upon negativity regarding

  3. There is nothing special to choose from. Those assets that are more or less with normal conditions show a lousy performance. I don’t understand why to put the exchange into operation if, in fact, none of the services has been brought to mind

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