EQFX Trade Review

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Kemp House,160 City road
London EC1V 2NX
United Kingdom

About company:

EQFX Trade is a pioneering fintech startup and world-class provider of online trading for multi-asset financial products

The team has experience of over 10 years in Stocks/forex/ETFs /Commodities/CFDs. Our Cryptocurrency team is one of the earliest adopters of blockchain technology from bitcoin/ Ethereum mining, DeFi farming, liquidity pool mining.

EQFX Trade wants to innovate the financial industry and be the first multi-asset broker to adapt the DeFi (decentralised finance) technology in its operations. Our mission is to offer the traditional investors access to crypto/DeFi / asset class with award-winning Meta trader 5. Our exchange platform built on angular JS that can transact 100,000 orders per second linked to deep liquidity on CFDs & cryptos.

EQFX Trade addresses this major problem by giving easy access to all investors worldwide to get access to crypto / DeFi asset class with a professional and secure trading technology.

EQFX Trade we heard the concerns of millions of traders, that why it created by traders for traders

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  1. All in all it was pretty good. It turned out to earn and even withdraw once a small amount. I thought: here it is, my ideal crypto broker! And then a surprise came: the deal closed with a huge minus and, in general, against all rules and logic. I let’s figure it out, but I was boarded, they say this situation is not subject to discussion. In terms of?? This is my money, you broke your own rules, left me with a minus and don’t want to deal with it? In short kitchen, here’s my verdict

  2. EQFX Trade is very much like a kitchen that needs to be shut down as soon as possible. I made a deposit, fulfilled all their conditions, gave my data, passed verification, and after my money was credited to the account, they immediately began to demand more money from me. They asked me to give at least 50 so that my account would have more privileges. I refused, because for real trading on the second account you need at least another 400 bucks. so it is immediately clear that they need this money just like that, not for me, but for them. And I was right. After a couple of days, I couldn’t get into the office at all.

  3. I thought that the company was normal, but it turned out to be a common scam! EQFX Trade is quite likely a one-day site, because apart from support and a personal account, nothing works for them. don’t think that after funding your account you will have the tools, or at least the opportunity to view the platform, no. This sharaga is stupidly launched in order to collect money, then make excuses that something went wrong and technical work needs to be carried out, and then it simply disappears from the face of the earth. I couldn’t even get through to support, although we communicated normally during the first days. I gave 200 bucks, I can not return. Draw your own conclusions.

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