European Auction Car Service Reviews (Euauservice reviews)

European Auction Car Service

Website: http://سياراتمنالمزادات.شبكة/en

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Address: The companies are located in Bulgaria, Poland,Belgium,Slovakia,Czech Republic,Lithuania,Latvia and other countries on request.

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Why should you contact the company?

We purchase cars in the name of the client from auctions in three categories:

Probefahrt – are test-drive cars from official dealers in Europe with a range of up to 8,000 kilometers.

Leased – used cars that are put up for auction minus payments from the lessee with a mileage limit of up to 80,000 km.

Werbung – are cars pasted over with advertising banners of an official dealer, which cost 1-2 years on advertising sites. Runs do not exceed 1-5 thousand km.

Cars in these three categories are sold 25% cheaper than the European market, in addition, the VAT refund is 19%, which gives us a total difference of 44% depending on the country of purchase of the car. Delivery to 28 countries. The possibility of online registration. Installment plan for 2 years.

69 responses to “European Auction Car Service Reviews (Euauservice reviews)”

  1. I paid for my car immediately upon arrival and at the beginning of 30% for buying a car, I waited for the car for 2 weeks. Delivery from the company is quite fast, from Europe it was delivered on a container ship.

  2. I bought a 2022 Lamborghini Urus 4.0 Benzin through them, with 6.806km mileage. I paid 178,000 euros together with delivery and auction fee.

  3. I also bought cars through them. Timely and clearly informed about the selected car, confirming all the actions with photos. The level of trust, judging by the reviews, seemed enormous to me at that time.

  4. Big fellows. Mercedes-Benz EQS580 began to delight from the first minute after the transfer. picked up the car personally at the port of Jeddah. I recommend contacting the European Auction Car Service team if you want to buy a good car and save money.

  5. I got a one year installment. I took my Mercedes-Benz G63 at 3% per annum. Explained in detail the payment schedule and how to pay.
    Machine for half a year did not disappoint.

  6. The terms of the contract are understandable – I paid the first installment – a third of the cost of the car and the rest upon receipt of the car, the rest was paid in a crypt in USDT. The machine is very satisfied. Quickly brought to Oman in the city of Muscat.

  7. I paid an advance payment of 30%, sent my documents for redemption in my name. That’s all. I live in the city of Muscat, took the car in 2 weeks. The car is in superb condition.

  8. Advance payment of 30% and the rest upon receipt of the car. As I picked up the car in Dubai, I made a calculation for the car. I advise the company

  9. Hello, we chose several options for the Audi SQ7 with the manager, placed bets and won the lot. Great company, great logistics!

  10. Happy with the car! Paid: Down payment-30%, delivery 2500 euros and auction fee. Everything is clear, on time and most importantly, without deception. The company brought me a MERCEDES-BENZ S450. Great car

  11. Quickly bought the lot I liked from the auction. Remotely signed a contract, paid an advance. The company has no problems with delivery, first delivered by container ship to the port of Jeddah and then by car transporter to Medina

  12. I saw the right car in their telegrams, contacted the manager, signed a contract remotely, paid for the car with a SWIFT transfer, bought it in 3 days, delivered it on a container ship to the port of Casablanca in 14 days

  13. Trust the company like I did! They will help in buying from the auction. They brought me a 2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT53 in Abu Dhabi

  14. After I signed a contract with the European Auction Car Service, I paid 30% of the cost of the car for the purchase, delivery and auction fee. I picked up my Land Rover Range Rover from the port of Jebel Ali.

  15. Signed a contract with the company for the purchase of a Mercedes-Benz E63 with a mileage of 1887km in 2022. Paid 21,000 euros and the purchase process began. For 2 days, the car was prepared for shipment to the UAE. I received the car within two weeks!

  16. I was worried that the car would take a long time to be delivered to Riyadh, but I was mistaken, they did it in 2 weeks. I was satisfied with the result of cooperation.

  17. Before buying a car, I read reviews for a long time, looking for information. After a while, as I received my car, I realized that the company is excellent.

  18. I’m glad I chose this car supplier. They delivered the car right on time, helped with paperwork. When I got acquainted with their website, I realized that their price is much lower than the market. The choice did not wait long)

  19. We are very satisfied with the machine, all the conditions of the contract are fulfilled. Everything is professional!

  20. I wish the company further development with the same high-quality approach to each client!

  21. Bought a Mercedes-Benz GLS580. I picked up the car personally upon arrival at the port of Jeddah in KSA.

  22. Great company! I have been waiting for my car for 14 days. My car arrived at the port of Jebel Ali and after it was brought to my city of Dubai by car transporter. Delivery was not expensive 2500 euros. I bought a Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2022 at auction for the car itself and paid 92,000 euros. Great price for this car.

  23. The contract is concluded quickly, I transferred the money in the amount of 30% and the next day my Bmw i7 was bought at auction. Special attention deserves well-organized logistics in the company, they do not pull with loading and sending to the owner. 16 days have passed since the date of the application to the company. As the car came, I immediately realized that I was not mistaken when I decided to buy a car from an auction in Europe

  24. I chose a car on their website, a lot of cars are for sale. Chose Mercedes-Benz S580,2022,4.0 Benzin. Managers brought in two weeks

  25. I saw their telegram channel, a friend told me. I signed the contract remotely and sent it back with all the necessary documents, paid an advance payment of 30% of the cost of the car. I bought myself a Mercedes-Benz S580. Before loading onto the ship, I paid the remaining amount for the car. The container ship arrived in the port of Jeddah, as per the contract, in 15 days!

  26. Hi all. I already drive my car bought in Europe. I want to thank the company for delivering to me. I recommend!

  27. I am very glad to cooperate with them, I recommend it to everyone, I am sure that everyone will only be grateful!

  28. Very understandable and informative site, cost transparency, contract work. There is communication both through mail and through Whatsapp. I am completely satisfied with the cooperation.

  29. A week has passed since I got the car, what can I say, the car is 5 plus, only delight. Bought a Mercedes-Benz EQ S450 for 64000€

  30. What can I say in terms of time – everything was as discussed within two weeks. Car – there are no questions about the body. The salon arrived in good condition. We are satisfied with the purchase of the car, – for the price and condition of the car, it came out almost exactly as expected. The company did well

  31. I learned about the company thanks to the YouTube channel of the same name, thanks to which I decided on the specific car I want to buy! Enjoyed working with the company! The car arrived at the port of Jebel Ali in 14 days.

  32. My purchase is AUDI Q8 3.0 2022, mileage 1.800km., silver color, excellent condition including the interior. It cost me 62,000 euros with all expenses. The time spent from signing the contract to receiving the car is about 3 weeks!

  33. I recommend. It’s nice to work with decent, thorough people who do their work in good conscience, and not just as

  34. I am absolutely delighted with my new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT53! This car is a true masterpiece of automotive engineering and design.

  35. I sent them the documents and paid the down payment of 30% for the ransom. I paid the rest of the amount while the car was waiting in line to be loaded and sent to me. Paperwork and delivery to the port of Jeddah took 15 days from the date of purchase at the auction.

  36. I was very satisfied with the process of buying a car with the help of this company. Having paid an advance of 30%, I was sure that my purchase was in good hands. When my car was ready for shipment, I quickly and easily paid the remaining amount

  37. I am satisfied with everything, the transaction is legally fair! As I made a contact, I paid 30% of the cost of the car, and the final payment was made upon loading my car onto the ship and sending it from the port.

  38. I learned about the company from my father, they already brought cars to him. The car arrived at the port of Jebbel Ali in 13 days. I recommend this company for cooperation!

  39. After choosing a car, they prepared a contract for me, I read it, paid an advance payment, and within two days I bought a Mercedes-Benz EQS580 from an auction. Otlchino that the car at the auction redeem the documents of the future owner.

  40. Everything is transparent, the terms and equipment of the car are prescribed in the contract. They always keep you informed at what stage the transportation is. The car is new, no mileage at all.

  41. The company is great! I signed an agreement with them, after 2 months they brought Bmw i7, 2022 in the configuration and condition I needed for reasonable money – 89,000 euros.

  42. The car arrived early. Excellent condition. I want to express my gratitude to the team for the excellent work.

  43. I bought a 2018 MERCEDES-BENZ S450 3.0 BENZIN car. The cost of the car was 35,000 euros. Delivered within the stipulated time. We liked everything!

  44. For the first time I turned to the guys from Euauservice, they helped my dream come true – thank you very much! Now I am the owner of LAMBORGHINI URUS

  45. I am very satisfied with the purchase of a car with this company! The whole process was very convenient and fast. I signed a contract remotely and paid for my car with a SWIFT transfer.
    I received the car a week ago, everything is fine.

  46. I bought a used car with an absolutely honest history. I am very satisfied with the purchase. I paid 30% of the cost of the car, and paid the remaining amount after the car was ready for loading and sending me to the port of Jebel Ali. .Thank you!!

  47. Everything was fast, all questions were fully answered. The actual condition of the car is fully consistent with the description in the auction sheet.

  48. Going to their website, I saw that there is a very large selection and great prices for cars. I chose and bought myself a BMW IX, 2023 in installments. I signed an installment agreement for a year at 3% per annum. The advance payment was 40% of the car.

  49. Good afternoon
    For the first time I decided to bring myself a car from the auction. After searching for companies that are engaged in the purchase and delivery of cars from Europe, my choice fell on Euauservice. Everything is clear and transparent. Managers are always in touch, promptly respond to all questions and wishes, the guys have a lot of experience. I am sure that I did not make a mistake in my choice. I recommend to everyone!

  50. Professionals in their field. They will promptly and accurately bring you a car from Europe. The work is done on a turnkey basis. Their prices are well below the market.

  51. Great company. Everything was shown and told by the managers. The car was delivered quickly. I am satisfied. I advise everyone, you will not regret it.

  52. When the question arose of buying a used car, of course, there was no thought about our domestic market, it was money thrown away. That’s why I was looking for a fitting office from Europe. The collaboration turned out to be quite profitable.

  53. I was satisfied with the cooperation, the guys fulfilled their obligations in full. The car was taken out of the auction in Europe and delivered to the port for loading.

  54. Thank you for the car, I’m sure that the best choice is a car from Europe – the price and quality match. I paid only 30% of the cost of the car, I paid the rest of the car as I was provided with transport documents for my car before loading onto the ship.

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