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About company:

Payeer has been operating since 2012 under an international PSP license. Provides solutions for accepting payments on websites through a native API and custom wallets for storing funds and settling within the system. The wallet supports major fiats (dollar, euro), popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH and others) and their automatic conversion. The Payeer gateway allows you to accept payments in over 150 ways. Transactions are validated via email, SMS, PIN code and Telegram.

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  1. Payeer is supporting illegal activity. I used Payeer mobile wallet. Someone did 2 transactions at June 1 & June 4 without my knowledge & permission. I lost $5.86 from my account. I sent letter to support, but they said amount can’t be returned once sent. I asked to reveal the Payeer account name, login country & ip address of the receiver, they told me to submit complaint to police authorities. Their credibility is loosing. Payeer is practicing modern day theft. I searched Google & found many bad reviews about Payeer. Not recommend to any users.

  2. Payeer company not allowing me to transfer my money from my account to my bank or credit card. I have been waiting more than a month now and they keep saying this:

    Date: 20.11.2021 20:07:47
    Title: How to transfer the money to credit card or bank account?
    Payeer Support:
    Dear user,

    We do not have exact information about this option recovery time.
    Please follow the news on the site.

    Best regards,
    Support service.
    I am not sure what should I do, not giving me any option.

  3. The guys provide comfort and safety properly! Keep it up! Transactions are instant, funds do not disappear from the balance, which is very important if there is a large amount on the account and you do not want to lose it at all!

  4. I’ve never had any problems with it. I go to PAYEER to change the currency or send money to foreign partners several times a week. It is convenient that you can store different currencies in one wallet and change it on the internal exchange at a favorable rate. I have finally forgotten about third-party exchange resources, the PAYEER fully meets my needs.

  5. In general, I am completely satisfied with it. Basically, I accept payment to my wallet for the work done on the Internet. It is convenient that you can store funds in different currencies and exchange them, if necessary, at a favorable rate within the system. In general, everything suits me, and I can recommend the wallet to others.

  6. I chose Payeer because it is an international system, and you can accept and store different types of currencies.

  7. I have had a Payeer wallet for a long time, I rarely used it, since I had a Visa card. Now, due to new rules, Visa is no longer relevant. It’s good that I have Payeer.

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