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The first thing you need to pay attention to when reviewing this cryptocurrency exchange is the specifics of the site in the digital ecosystem. According to analysts, bitcoin is losing ground. Altcoins are created using slightly different technologies, which helps them actively compete with bitcoin. The Stex cryptocurrency exchange focuses on this fact. The company was founded in 2017. Its main office is located in Tallinn (Estonia). Today, the Stex cryptocurrency exchange is a field of activity for 300,000 traders. The interface of the official site is simple and decorated in dark colors. There are many tools to work with, including 400 currency pairs. Official site – translated into 11 languages (including Russian, Thai and Vietnamese). According to reviews, after registering on the site, the desired interface option is connected automatically. By the way, the cryptocurrency exchange has many points of contact with the Asian financial market.

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  1. Absolute criminals. They will lock you in rejection of documents needed for KYC forever. I was able to send some XRP to my account and trade with it, but i was never able to withdraw anything from their shady exchange. After a month of rejections i finally gave up and left my money to these scammers. I’ve never had this experience with any exchange, this is pure criminal.

  2. STAY AWAY!!!!! SCAM!!!
    Well it looks like i got screwed out of $200.
    When opening a trade it never closes unless you buy at full price.

    You see something being sold for 0.00001 1000 times a short period of time but when you try it wont work. Cancel the trade and once again you will see it being sold at that price.

    Just tried to withdraw my BTC using a ridicioulous fee of a whooping $38 but i already know i will never recieve mt btc back.

  3. I downloaded stex app from the apple store. After opening, it appeared to be legit however if I download the app again and after opening, it looks completely different but the new app will not recognize my ID or password.
    I don’t know who or what is at fault but after the loss of $10,000.00, I don’t care, I will never use the apple store or stex ever again! AND I HOPE YOU WILL GIVE SECOND THOUGHTS ABOUT DOING SO YOURSELVES!!!Notice I did not use a capital letter for either apple or stex, they don’t even deserve that!!

  4. Don’t use this platform. Worst of al. And they lose even your stock….and than you can’t get it back and all your money is gone.

    0,0 service or help

  5. They steal people’s cryptos by delisting them at very short notice. And it will be destroyed by all information about that crypto. Be aware. Total scam.

  6. Stex stole over 170k of VRA tokens and now blocking me from any channel I try to use to communicate with them – Twitter, Telegram etc. E-mails are not being replied to. They announced de-listing of VRA and blocked ERC20 withdrawals at the same time. Now I can’t withdraw any other tokens I have there. Terrible support and terrible management. Do not use it! Lost almost 1000USD, which is a lot of money. The address stated by the exchange is invalid. The real address is in Lithuania. SCAM!

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