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Telephone: +357 26 941306

Address: Νεοφύτου Νικολαίδη 25, Paphos 8011

About company:

The goal of Coin U Be is to provide comfortable and safe trading for our clients. Every trader is important to us and we try to help and advise everyone. There are already 190,000 people making transactions on our platform every day, we take care of everyone.
Coin U Be is a reliable broker
All operations that you carry out on the platform are as safe as possible, and you can withdraw funds at any time.

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  1. I wanted to try to send money for PAMM investment, but I had some questions. I called tech support but never got through. And for the second day in a row I can’t catch anyone, what’s going on with them ???

  2. I didn’t even think that they were scammers. they communicated with me quite normally, explained everything and even helped me trade. But it alerted me when they began to convince me to buy insurance, saying that anything can happen on the site, so it’s better to be insured. I refused, because I already transferred enough money to them. And from that moment on, it started running … the platform began to hang and several times I could not enter the office at all, and once I went in, and there were zeros. I started writing to support, and it turned out that it was due to force majeure. Obviously, it’s bullshit. And I think that if I had paid for the insurance, it would not have changed anything. Therefore, what is already there is.

  3. The same thing happened to me, I took a loan to develop an account, Andrey Sergeevich Skvortsov, an international specialist, withdrew money, they earned something, but he disappeared, called, persuaded everything unsuccessfully, but the money is so needed, and even return the loan. Remember this name and more Khrabrov Vladislav his assistant

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