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COSS is a young cryptocurrency exchange that was registered in 2017. It is not included in the TOP-100 of the Coinmarketcap rating, its turnover is at an average level. KOSS provides an over-the-counter trading platform and news service. It also has its own COS token. There are a lot of reviews on the web about, and they are seriously different. Therefore, we decided to make a detailed review of the cryptocurrency exchange, consider its functionality and understand the opinions of users about the company. Overview of the site “KOSS” There is no Russian-language version on the site, so the company is not very popular in the CIS countries. On the main page, COSS advertises its own token and commission in favor of traders. There are six items in the top menu: “Cryptocurrency Exchange”; public api; “Commissions”; “Entrance”; “Registration”; “Language Selection”.

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  1. Hello to everyone. I’m going to write to you today about COSS. COSS is a crypto exchange created in Singapore. There is a lot of information on the internet about this exchange. But some of this information is not true. Indeed, a lot of exchanges have been created in Singapore so far. But some of these exchanges were only able to operate for a very short time and went bankrupt within a short time. COSS has been created to be more durable compared to other exchanges, so the exchange is still operating. I think the main reason for this is the correct decisions made by the exchange officials and the great attention paid to the customers by the exchange.
    Customers are always looking for a friendly and relaxed exchange, which is why I think COSS is a great place for these types of people. In addition, the 24/7 customer service and the very friendly communication with the customers also like the customers. The low customer base of the exchange makes it a little difficult for people who want to invest in this exchange to trust COSS. Therefore, I think the advertisement of the exchange should be increased and the number of users should be increased thanks to the activities. In this way, the board will attract more people’s attention. That’s all for now, thanks for reading my review. 

  2. COSS is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange. There is a lot of information regarding this trade on the internet. However, some of this material is incorrect. So date, many exchanges have been established in Singapore. However, some of these exchanges were only able to operate for a short period of time before going bankrupt. COSS was designed to be more long-lasting than other exchanges, so it is still operational.
    The major reason for this, I believe, is that the exchange authorities made the right judgments and paid close attention to the consumers. Customers are constantly seeking for a warm and comfortable interaction, which is why I believe COSS is an excellent venue for them. Customers particularly like the customer care that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the very polite communication. People who wish to invest in COSS may find it difficult to trust the exchange because of its small client base.
    As a result, I believe that the exchange’s advertising should be raised, as well as the number of users, as a result of the activities. This will draw more people’s attention to the bulletin board.

  3. While it may seem easy to use the Coss platform, it is not so practical for low-skilled customers. Although the shopping and advertising platform is often right for some sporting events, it is very difficult for others. In this case, the trading window provides protection and security for the customers, but the device does not help to provide the right trading equipment.

    In addition, the reversal window in this case provides protection and health for customers, but does not help the frame as it is expected to offer the right changing equipment.

    While its development has been launched in Singapore, one of the most crypto-friendly international destinations in the world, it is well-suited to the organization’s openness and customer-centric approach. I might actually want to move on to the second one because you are welcome to their relatives!

    From crypto pairs available on the market to buy and sell. I see COSS as a very exciting platform to change, because you can buy available cryptocurrencies, you can exchange your available cryptocurrencies in different ways. It should be on most social media websites, and especially on Twitter, it offers enough updates through those channels.

    Customers are constantly looking for warmth and comfort, so I believe COSS is a great place for them. Customers are especially interested in customer care, which should be 24 hours a day, seven days a week and very informative. In addition, people who want to invest in COSS may find it difficult to accept that it is trade-related due to its small patron base.


    Nonetheless, this is one of the most modern ranges that I usually recommend because of its great design and executable equipment. In the case of another carrier, you can customize what you have until you dominate the help first. Despite these many important moments, I have not been able to reach out to an exchange consumer aid organization. Along with those challenges, my money-laundering issues have gone unanswered.

    With the help of revain, I have been capable of get to understand of various current cryptocurrency exchanges but I virtually make deep researches to make clear that the change I am approximately to use would not convey me any form of misfortune. Right now I would like to talk about my revel in trading with COSS as an change.
    As a rule, securities alternatives need to be created and improved. Moreover, there is no fact through the internet-based media levels

  4. b Just as I know this Exchange, Coss, to be, as you should have known from your researches, if any, Coss is a Singaporean based cryptocurrency exchange platform of which I think from its features, is a very nice exchange to trade on. I say this because Coss is an exchange has a moderately and manageable liquidity for all cryptocurrencies available on its platform or market but that does not apply for me because for me

    Moreover, I choose Exchanges to trade on based on the development team and also of course, its liquidity and from my taste, this Exchange, Coss, is not where I can reliably trade my digital assets. Please 🙏, do not miss quote me from my language used because that is based on my own opinion about this exchange and it is also a fact that it is not good for and can be good for you so I will advise you to check it out yourself.

  5. This change, as you can see from your research, is mainly a cryptocurrency conversion platform based in Coss Singapore, which I think is a great alternative to trading on its features. In fact, there are several alternatives to Singapore so far. But some of these influential people were able to work in a short time and went bankrupt in a short time. COSS was created to be more resilient than others, so it continues to work on an alternative. In addition, in this example, the window offers protection and health for customers, but does not help the framework as it is expected to be several kilometers to provide the appropriate conversion equipment. We have one-time savings on crypto crypto: exchanges, e-wallets leading to special brands, ICO opening and advertising and marketing campaigns, gatekeepers, market capitalization and add-ons. The discounted producer price is beneficial for all investors who have increased liquidity. COS token holders receive 50% of all purchase and sale payments from one entertainment transaction. This allows us to build our portfolio by storing the best COS data in the assets we collect. You can have a COS within the Payment Department (FSA) when traders pay for a trademark logo to get a discount. The ability to build your portfolio passively as an added advantage for the COS image, as opposed to different trademarks. COS token holders receive 50% of all purchases from the purchase and sale of entertainment at one time. This allows us to build our portfolio only by storing COS statistics in the assets we collect. You can also have a COS under the Payment Department (FSA), where buyers pay for trademarks and trademarks for a discount. Unlike other trademarks, the ability to passively build your portfolio as an added advantage for the COS logo. I think the main reason for this is that alternative companies make the right choice and pay attention to customers. Customers are always looking for a nice and convenient connection, so I accept that COSS is a great place for them. One Exchange provides more than 42 gold cash to buyers other than U.S. residents who do business. In the meantime, I would like to discuss my alternative experience with COSS as an exchange. COSS is one of the few that gives its customers favorable conditions to buy and sell, such as cash or virtual foreign currency. . Costs for the trading platform are important to me. This is because the type of charge platform of the exchange platform determines whether or not to use the platform regardless of its specificity. If a few different changes give the same thing, why spend almost all of your income on great services? However, this is one of the most important levels of trading due to large-scale planning and possible equipment. If you own another business, you can build the property you need until you first manage your help. If you own another business, you can build affordable property until you first manage your help. Note: I support that the location is appropriate for this office’s workouts and that it provides what you are looking for in your workouts. As a rule, he wants to create and improve securities alternatives. Moreover, it cannot be true at net-based media levels

  6. I had bought some crypto in 2017 and 2018, I tried to enter my wallet end 2020, send multiple mails to there support, no answer at all, after almost a year still can’t acces my funds.

    Lost about 3k now and they do nothing to solve the issues

  7. Had traded at COSS exchange since it opened shop and never once had I believed that Rune would one day scam us all. Now all my cryptos with COSS are in their “audit” mode – which means little or no chance of returning back to me 🙁

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