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Cryptocurrency exchange MEXC Global has been operating since 2018. Registered in the Seychelles. Supports trading in over one hundred coins and derivatives. MEXC Global charges a 0.2% taker and maker fee for transactions. Margin trading is available with a maximum leverage of 1:125. The exchange also includes services for P2P exchange. The trading platform is implemented in the form of mobile and desktop applications.

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  1. Don’t use the Matic network while transferring USDT, it never showed up in my case. After almost 48 hours of waiting I contacted their costumer support, had to pay an additional 42.6 USDT to help sending it into my account after 22 days.

  2. I sent over tokens from trust wallet to mexc token never got deposited. I talked to customer service and they said I sent it to the wrong address,but I copied it from their site so I have no idea what they’re talking about and now I have to pay 42 bucks to have them recover it there is something very shady with this exchange.

  3. I’m absolutely flabbergasted looking at Mexc low score here as I have traded on this exchange. I must confess that MEXC is one of the three exchanges that delivers exceptional exchange services regarding trading volume, depth, and price differences.The exchange is very effective at implementing any latest crypto update for instance.MEXC is also the first platform to declare support for Ethereum 2.0 Mainnnet Merge and the first to list Ethereum’s prospective forked chain tokens. I’m mostly attracted to Mexc because of the various trading Markets & I’m effortlessly trading 125x leverage on the exchange with fast and efficient charts that made it even better and hassle-free.

  4. Looks like a scam.
    I deposited USDT. Exchanged these USDT to ETHW. And now I can’t withdraw ETHW. It always says “The network is busy, try again in 3 minutes”.
    A support said that I must provide a photo of my ID, bank card, and do a selfie including ID and CC.
    What the hell? Why do I need to provide my CC to withdraw cryptos?!
    Btw my account is already verified and has “Advanced KYC” status.

    Anyways I provided them all the things they asked. But still no luck. The last support guy promised that the issue should be sorted “within this day”. But also added that “in case if its not you can contact support again”.


    Update 15th of Nov 2022.
    Looks like they did some kind of fix and now I can withdraw my cryptos. However buying cryptos by CC is still unavailable on my end, though I sent them all the necessary info they asked.

  5. Watch out for you register at Mexc Global! They make it hard to delete your account. I want to delete my account. First you have to make a picture from yourself with your id card. And then you also have to answer a lot of questions about your account.

  6. Scamming pieces of garbage, ‘customer service’ is garbage, will give u answers but no solutions, fees are way to high and unclear (also only bad answers there). Worthless company. They will let u register easily, but u need kyc to withdraw. And the MAILS. THE MAILS KEEP. ON. COMING.

  7. Well, I feel MEXC GLOBAL is still growing and we haven’t seen the best of it yet.
    My 1 year plus experience has not been short of challenges – no system is perfect.
    But I still find it worthy to be rated 4/5 ? Yes !
    I’m impressed with their user-centric services, their customer support system is cool with me.
    Staying on this exchange, I’m privileged to have early entry on low cap tokens which have yielded high ROI on going mainstream.

  8. I have been a MEXC Global user for many years. When trading regularly, I use Binance and MEXC. What I like most is that MEXC hosts a number of lucrative events, such as M-Day and Exclusive Referral Events. a place where people may become involved without much effort and yet make some nice money. According to my research, MEXC is a simple platform with a responsive and competent support staff. My trades have always been handled smoothly, and I’ve never had a difficulty with a withdrawal. In a nutshell, MEXC provides an option for a safe and reliable CEX.

  9. This is one of the better exchanges that I’ve used of late and can’t say I have had any negative experience yet with them since I joined in August of last year. I’m surprised at the low score though and reading some of these negative reviews.

    I haven’t done a banktransfer but used other functions of the exchange like its trading and leverage systems which work good. Sometimes when their is major market activity it could lag a bit.

    Overall I trust this exchange with my money and am awaiting their proof of reserves report with great interest.

  10. MEXC is one of the few CEX I use, and given their commitment to integrity when I first started using them in 2019, I’m drawn to their trading platform’s low trading fees since they help me preserve my profits. When I encountered a problem with a deposit from my dollar account it was swiftly handled with the explanation that foreign transactions take time. They are available 24/7 to make sure users have little or no problems, thus their customer service always makes you feel like you are not alone.

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