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Smart Direct Broker


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Address: Deakins Park, Deakins Mill Way, Egerton, Bolton, BL7 9RWB, United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Smart Direct Broker was founded in 2002 assisted by Broker Direct PLC, a British financial group that was engaged in a partnership between British insurance brokers and financial institution brokers. More than 70% of the group’s shares are held by independent British and European companies, which highlights the anti-monopolization of financial and stock exchange services. The main advantage of Smart Direct Broker is that they offer private clients of the company to insure their brokerage investments due to close cooperation with insurance companies and Legal & General, the largest insurance company, in particular.


Smart Direct Broker’s operations are subject to compulsory licensing.

The license of the Financial Conduct Authority, a British regulator, was issued on June 20, 2002.



Check the legitimacy of the license on the FCA’s (Financial Conduct Authority) official website.

Company’s Area of Focus

NAB Smart Direct Broker is a British company that provides the opportunity to trade in stock and foreign exchange markets around the world and also to invest funds directly in economic sectors on a short- or long-term basis. We provide solutions for active day traders and scalpers, as well as those who are new to the Forex market.

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  1. After a month of trading won 40% of the deposit in the company began to measure charts. The first sign of culinary. And at first they carefully concealed their essence, bastards!

  2. I will not say that I was especially meticulously looking for a broker. has been operating for more than 10 years and this is enough for me to consider the company worthy of attention. Two months later, I accidentally saw on the site that you can open an Islamic account. The broker already has practically no fees, and now there will be no need to pay for the transfer of a position. Submitted an application, looking forward to the result.

  3. For those who have not yet decided on the choice of a broker, I recommend the company No explicit or hidden commissions, only a fixed spread and swaps. Deposit/withdrawal of funds is free, there is no need to pay for opening and maintaining an account, and depending on the amount of funds on deposit, the spread is significantly narrowed. Nevertheless, I found a small minus: once on Friday evening, the terminal hung up, and support does not work on weekends, and therefore help came only on Monday. As a result, I did not have time for the beginning of the European session.

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