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About company:

WhiteBit is an example of a successful financial project that has managed to combine accessibility, convenience and reliability. These are the three main qualities of a cryptocurrency platform that every potential client will first of all pay attention to. The whitebit startup received two licenses in Estonia at once and was registered there. These are licenses from the state that give the right to exchange processes and trade in fiat/cryptocurrency, as well as the storage of valuable assets of clients. The impressive fact is that about a year has passed since the inception of the company, and the trust in it is already higher than that of some of the main competitors (Exmo, LiveCoin, Kuna and BTC-Alpha). The whitebit project was created in early 2019 by Vladimir Nosov and a team of creative specialists. It is focused more on the user from the CIS, but is available in many countries and beyond. In addition to Russian, on the site you can choose English, Chinese and Estonian. But it should be noted that technical support additionally provides services in other languages, such as German, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean. You can get help in the Support-department every day and at any time of the day. The interface of the official site whitebit.com is understandable for beginners and familiar to experienced traders (there are configuration tools). For those who find it more convenient to make financial transactions via a smartphone, the developers have released a mobile application for Android and iOS systems. So far, 62 pairs with popular fiats and cryptocurrencies have been available for trading on the platform. Almost all valuable funds of crypto exchange users are stored in cold wallets.

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  1. From this website you can easily buy and sell crypto as it is ideal for beginners. Also it is a reliable place to buy and sell crypto currency, trade and exchange crypto. This may be the most secure website i have ever used to buy and sell crypto.

  2. This website is legit, and I always buy and sell my cryptos here just because of how fast and reliable they are. Customer service is as good as hell. I started using this website not long ago and I think I’m never gonna stop using it again(I’m addicted). Keep up the good work!

  3. Does anyone know how to retrieve your money from the platform please. I followed everything the platform manager instructed me to to but I have not see. $1 dollar in repayment and it says I have over $372,000 USD in that platform. Can anyone help me and tell me what I have to do to get my money?

  4. The best site everything I use to buy and sell crypto. is quick and simple.
    It also includes an investment that brings in a lot of money for me.
    It is very easy to use. The customer service is impressive and the best thing is that it the most protective and efficient site for crypto buyers and sellers. I highly recommend you all to visit this site.

  5. The site is very easy to use. Fees are rock bottom. Support is friendly and lightning quick to respond.
    Would be great if you guys will present alternative transferring coins to your exchange. As ERC20 network is damn expensive in fees.

  6. this platform is amazing and is a best i ever seen i ‘ve been using 1 week i bought a different crypto and also sold . This platform is simple and easy to use by the its a very significance specially for beginners.

  7. White Bit is the most reliable place to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Here you can withdraw and deposit crypto fast. Here, you can trade
    exchange and stake crypto. This can be done easily and securely.

  8. My top trading system I made a lot of money with it when I first started using it, and it has a fantastic and simple UI that can make it easier for novice users to utilise. It really helped me out with my cryptocurrency investments.

  9. Fast and secure trading platform. I do crypto trading by investing and taking back profits. What I found remarkable is that genuineness and reliability of that company. Thank you a lot.

  10. The interface, the security and the margins are super. While in The Netherlands there are not many exchanges, and the biggest one is “ok”. But WhiteBIT is premium for me.

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